Can Astrology Help Find True Love

Astrology and the univers of loveAstrology is a word that means ‘the language of the stars’. Astrology consists in studying the positions and movements of stars and planets and how these events affect us. The effects of stars and planets on our personalities and actions can be studied to predict events or even choose romantic partners.

Love astrology can be used to find an ideal partner or get a better understanding of why a relationship is successful or not. It can be used to understand one’s personality better, predict future events in one’s love life, fix a relationship or find romantic partners.

Zodiac signs are very important elements in love astrology. These signs are based on the position of the earth in relation to the sun at the moment of one’s birth. There are twelve signs that belong to four different categories (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). Some signs are naturally compatible with other signs usually do not mix well. As a general rule, Fire signs get along well with Air signs and Earth signs are compatible with Water signs. In most cases, a Zodiac sign is compatible with the other signs associated with the same element.

Forecasting compatibility that relies only on Zodiac signs is usually very broad. You can for instance find daily love horoscopes based on your Zodiac sign. These horoscopes are usually accurate but it is possible to make much more precise predictions or find better love matches by looking at your birth chart.

People with the same Zodiac sign share similar personality traits but the position of Venus and Mars at the moment of your birth will influence your love life and your personality. A birth chart that takes the position of these plants into consideration will give you a more accurate idea of your personality traits, future and love life. Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love. The position of Venus at the moment of your birth can influence what others find attractive in you and also determines the kind of people you like to be around. You can easily find your Venus sign by checking an astrology table.

There are twelve Venus signs and they share the same names as the Zodiac signs. However, you do not necessarily have the same Venus and Zodiac signs. Your Zodiac sign could for instance be Aquarius and your Venus sign be Venus in Capricorn. In this situation, you would have most of the personality traits of an Aquarius but Venus in Capricorn would determine what kind of people you are attracted to and how you like towards romantic partners and friends.

Mars is named after the Roman god of war. The position of this planet at the moment of your birth will determine how impulsive you are, how you pursue romantic interests and what kind of partners you are attracted to. You can find what your Mars sign is by checking an astrology table. Just like with Venus signs, Mars signs are based on the Zodiac but your Mars sign can be different from your Zodiac and your Venus signs. You can then look up the characteristics associated with your Mars sign to get a better understanding of where your energy comes from and how you pursue a potential relationship.

You are probably familiar with the daily love horoscopes based on your Zodiac sign. These horoscopes are very common but they barely scratch the surface of love astrology. There are almost 2,000 different combinations possible between Zodiac, Venus and Mars signs. If you are interested in love astrology, look into getting a birth chart done to better understand how the Sun, Venus and Mars interact with each other and influence you.

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