The Ugly Truth About What Area 51 Really Is

At some point in our history, Area 51 has become a legend in dealing with military secrets and UFO cover-ups. Though some things pertaining to the military operations can be explained away as sheer nonsense, we are still left with uncertainty and UFO folklore that is a basis for the paranormal and our belief in extraterrestrial contacts.

Before Area 51 became the legend it is today, it was a military base situated 90 miles just outside of North Las Vegas. Everything done by the military there is considered to be top secret and the code name many use to refer to Area 51 is Dreamland. The actual size of the base is six miles by roughly ten miles, but the base has recently obtained a whopping 85,000 acres to keep civilians out of the nearby areas.

Most of what we know about the base is folklore and sheer speculation as only those that swear an oath of lifelong silence have been admitted beyond the looming fence. It is said that the area contains a secret air base and buildings are housed up to forty stories below the unforgiving desert floor. Those that are allowed to enter the base are flown inside early in the morning on unmarked planes with windows that are blacked-out.

Though the base is dubbed top secret, it is hardly what we can consider unheard of. The moment you say Area 51, the next word out of anyone’s mouth is UFOs. This area is unapproachable and should never be attempted unless that person has a death wish. Guards patrol the perimeters with orders to shoot trespassers on sight, and let’s just say there are penty of devices to detect unwanted visitors.

There are plenty of theories abound as to what Area 51 really does. Bob Lazar is a famous physicist that made claims he has personally toured the base and has seen with his own eyes about nine flying saucers. Others have also reported seeing these types of supersonic airplanes leaving the base.

UFO theorists contend that our government may in fact have access to extraterrestrial technology in order to manufacture these UFOs. Others however are not even convinced that these planes are from our world. The public constantly demands answers and we all feel that we have a right to know, but there is always the chance Area 51 will never really be exposed.

In recent years, more and more people are coming forward to provide compelling evidence and shocking stories as to what goes on behind closed doors at Area 51. One of the most recent stories circulating involves an eyewitness testimony of a man that has seen actual gray aliens working with government officials side by side to manufacture UFOs. When we have so many witnesses, can the truth remain ignored?

Though the government will most likely never reveal the truth, we have to consider that perhaps beings from another planet are with us even now.

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